New Album: Significant (Other)

You know Man Mantis by now, right? The dude does not slow down. This spring and summer alone, we’ve seen him launch a new project with J. Dante, debut IceMantis (his collaboration with DLO) and offer a limited-time free download in honor of dumate‘s incredibly successful year. Somehow, he still finds the time to record and master various projects, as well as strike new ground and make new connections.

Case in point: Minneapolis vocalist and songwriter K.Raydio. Her debut EP, the entirely Mantis-produced Significant (Other) dropped yesterday amidst minimal fanfare, but still netted hundreds of plays and downloads off of Facebook buzz alone. The record is a fresh blend of Raydio’s stunning voice and Mantis’ crisp, engaging beats, featuring some solid guest appearances from J.Dante and Phonetic ONE.

All of this is leading up to the release of Cities Without Houses — the long-awaited spiritual successor to Mantis’ classic original album. You can catch a preview by checking out tracks 5 and 7 on Significant (Other):

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