A collaborative effort between emcee Thirtyseven of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and Boston-based producer Dr. Quandary, Algorhythms is a seamless integration of thought-provoking rhymes and lush, conceptual soundscapes.


  • Naturetone Remixes

    In the summer of 2009, Thirtyseven and Dr. Quandary made select vocal tracks from their self-titled Algorhythms EP available to up-and-coming producers for a remix contest. After receiving a number of submissions from a host of talented individuals, a lengthy review process began.

    The producer who ...

  • Algorhythms EP

    An uncompromising head trip, the debut EP from Algorhythms is a mission statement. Thirtyseven's dense, personal lyrics and Dr. Quandary's lush psychedelic beats make this short project appear much larger than its actual size.

    "All in all, Algorhythms’ self titled EP is one of ...