• Louis Mackey - "Magician in the Mountain"

    The World Around Wednesdays single series has returned, leading off with a triumphant lucid dream from our poet laureate Louis Mackey.

    The beatsmithery here is courtesy of Dr. Quandary, and the cover art came from our usual contractor, The Memetic Supply Co. Mastered by Walter Westinghouse for NekTones in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

  • The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon Vol. 1

    These songs and instrumental pieces were collected between the dark winter of 2010 and late 2012 during fleeting, infrequent interactions with the rap hermit/electrician who goes by the name of Adam Kadmon.

  • FDR - Destroyer of All Things

    From mitochondria to militaries, from your breakfast to your bloodstream, FDR’s first single is a song about the slaughterhouse we take for granted because we live in it every day. Featuring Godforbid (That Handsome Devil) and Thirtyseven (Wombaticus Rex) summoning demons over a driving Louis Mackey beat, this is a blues rap meditation on The Way of All Flesh.

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